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Download ready-to-use materials below to launch your Census movement. Check back regularly as new materials—both created by Art+Action and from partner organizations—in multiple languages are continuously added.

Send us your Census assets, and we’ll add them to the toolkit to share with your neighbors near and far.

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For customized COME TO YOUR CENSUS assets to personalize your call-to-action for your state, city, school, business, or family, fill out this Google Form, or send requests to hello@artandaction.us. COME TO YOUR CENSUS, BROOKLYN / DOLORES HUERTA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL / SAFEWAY / DAD!

Join us to ignite our communities to ensure they receive their fair share of resources and political representation for the next ten years!

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The Census ensures the ‘equal’ in our democracy’s ‘Equal Representation’ and is as important as the Vote! Yes, that’s right. Without an accurate Census count, we lose our voting power. Fill out the Census and protect yours. This year, California could lose a seat in the House of Representatives if not enough people fill out the Census—which we certainly don’t want to happen!).
Money and Power – Chinese – Robert Saywitz
Money and Power – Tagalog – Robert Saywitz
ArtAction-2020Census-Poster-MoneyPower-v2-2 (dragged) 1
Art and Action – Tagalog – Robert Saywitz
Money and Power – Robert Saywitz
Money and Power – Spanish – Robert Saywitz

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Social Media Pics, Memes, and GIFS
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Offering social media captions, data, and talking points as you spread the Census gospel!

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Spread the word in your community, IRL and online

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From March 12 – October 31, 2020 set up a Census Hub in your organization, business, school, or apartment building and invite your community to come safely take the 2020 Census.

You’ll need: 

An internet-enabled computer or tablet set to 2020Census.gov

Signage that lets people know they should COME TO YOUR CENSUS at your location, which you can download HERE

Let OCEIA know you’ll be hosting a 2020 Census hub—and if you’ll be offering any in-person or multilingual translation support, so they can feature you on the San Francisco Census Help Center map

Fired Up to Create Even More 2020 Census Materials?

Hold Your Own Census Create-A-Thon:
Whether you’re a professional creative, a hard-to-count community advocate, a student activist, or just fired up about Census, this 10-week plan from Art+Action’s Coalition Partner the Census Open Innovation Labs, will get you on your way to hosting a Create-a-Thon in your own community to generate even more materials to ignite everyone around the 2020 Census.

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