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Join us to ignite our communities to ensure they receive their fair share of resources and political representation for the next ten years!

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In San Francisco, each person counted represents $20,000 for services over the next 10 years, putting over $17 billion into our city—or not, for affordable housing, healthy food, healthcare, public schools, foster care, free meals, job training, essential emergency services, roads, preschools, and more. Three in four Californians belong to one or more often-undercounted populations, including Latinos, African Americans, renters, young children and immigrants. An undercount of these communities in the 2020 Census could overlook more than 1.6 million people and cost the state one of its seats in the House of Representatives.
Come To Your Census, SOMA – Miguel Arzabe
Come To Your Census, Presidio – Antonio Benjamin
Come To Your Census, Pacific Heights – Stephanie Syjuco
Come To Your Census, North Beach – George McCalman
Come To Your Census, Nob Hill – Lava Thomas
Come To Your Census, Treasure Island – Andrew Li
Come To Your Census, Mission – Marcela Pardo Ariza
Come To Your Census, Marina – Stephanie Syjuco
Come To Your Census, Lakeshore – Innosanto Nagara
Come To Your Census, Chinatown – Hung Liu
Come To Your Census, Bayview, Hagamos El Censo – Emory Douglas
Somos Marichuy
See Black Women Eye Chart
See Black Womxn Logo
See Black Women Poster
See Black Women Logo
See Black Women – Artist Names
See Black Women 2020
Oakland, Hagamos el Censo – Andrew Li
Oakland, Hagamos el Censo – Hung Liu
Oakland, Hagamos el Censo – Masako Miki
Oakland, Hagamos el Censo – Marcela Pardo Ariza
Oakland, Hagamos el Censo – George McCalman
Oakland, Hagamos el Censo – Clare Rojas
Oakland, Hagamos el Censo – Joel Daniel Philips
Oakland, Hagamos el Censo – Miguel Arzabe
Oakland, Hagamos el Censo – Stephanie Syjuco
Oakland, Sagutan Natin Ang Sensus – Miguel Arzabe
Oakland, Sagutan Natin Ang Sensus – Clare Rojas
Oakland, Sagutan Natin Ang Sensus – Joel Daniel Philips
Oakland, Sagutan Natin Ang Sensus – George McCalman
Oakland, Sagutan Natin Ang Sensus – Masako Miki
Oakland, Sagutan Natin Ang Sensus – Hung Liu
Oakland, Sagutan Natin Ang Sensus – Andrew Li
Oakland, Sagutan Natin Ang Sensus – Stephanie Syjuco
Come to Your Census, Oakland – Miguel Arzabe
Come to Your Census, Oakland – Joel Daniel Philips
Come to Your Census, Oakland – George McCalman
Come to Your Census, Oakland – Clare Rojas
Come to Your Census, Oakland – Masako Miki
Come to Your Census, Oakland – Marcela Pardo Ariza
Come to Your Census, Oakland – Hung Liu
Come to Your Census, Oakland – Stephanie Syjuco
Come to Your Census, Oakland – Andrew Li

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From March 12 – October 31, 2020 set up a Census Hub in your organization, business, school, or apartment building and invite your community to come safely take the 2020 Census.

You’ll need: 

An internet-enabled computer or tablet set to 2020Census.gov

Signage that lets people know they should COME TO YOUR CENSUS at your location, which you can download HERE

Let OCEIA know you’ll be hosting a 2020 Census hub—and if you’ll be offering any in-person or multilingual translation support, so they can feature you on the San Francisco Census Help Center map

Fired Up to Create Even More 2020 Census Materials?

Hold Your Own Census Create-A-Thon:
Whether you’re a professional creative, a hard-to-count community advocate, a student activist, or just fired up about Census, this 10-week plan from Art+Action’s Coalition Partner the Census Open Innovation Labs, will get you on your way to hosting a Create-a-Thon in your own community to generate even more materials to ignite everyone around the 2020 Census.

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