Sarah Parker

I currently teach Special Education in a small Northern New Mexico elementary school.  My passion lies in radio production, printmaking, and interactive community art projects. I have produced independent pieces for community radio stations in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico since 2005.

I am committed to the voices of our community, and the dissemination of these voices into the wider population.  I use interactive art projects to begin conversations about community and our roles as individuals in that greater community. Our stories are what connect our common experiences and distinguish our unique perspectives. 

I want to make things. I want to make beautiful things. I want to listen to people’s stories and create an enormous speaker so that all can hear. I want the community’s voices, whatever or wherever that community is, to take over the power that mass media has over our perspective and interpretation of one another. I want us to tell one another how it is, how we live, how we feel, with beauty.

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by Sarah Parker

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