Raf Salazar

Raf Salazar is a Bay Area artist whose work is inspired by his love of comics. By day, Raf focuses his talents in Digital Illustration and Design, and by night he is perched on rooftops as the city’s ever-vigilant ally of justice.

Taking passion for comics perhaps a bit too far, Raf decided to start making a few of his own. Alongside his brother, they created their webcomic ReBrBl in 2009. He has also joined up with like-minded individuals to form I.H. Studios, a company that not only puts their own stories out there but also showcases the work of other independent artists and writers from around the globe. Additionally, he has partnered with Kularts on several comic projects inspired by the advocacy work of the SOMA Pilipinas community here in the Bay.

When not lost in his own world, he spends his time devoted to his research, playing video games, absorbing pop culture trivia, and watching too many cartoons.

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