Laurel Taylor

A self proclaimed Art Witch, Laurel Taylor is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in Oil, Works on Paper, Installation, and Experimental video. All works are made in ritual with reoccurring themes of female empowerment, transformation, and trauma within the soul. Laurel presents an experience for audiences that provokes some of the hidden emotions that are too often pushed down and forgotten. As a feminist artist, she calls attention to the terms society has negatively projected onto women and the female form and pushes back to reclaim those terms in power. She was trained in 3-D and 2-D mediums at Bradley University and the University of New Mexico – Taos. Laurel obtained her Associate in Fine Arts with honors at the University of New Mexico Taos in Spring 2020 and has shown in multiple galleries. Laurel has been awarded the Andy Johnson Arts Scholarship, Quail Roost Scholarship, and the Betsy Carey Scholarship for the Arts while attending the University of New Mexico – Taos. She currently has work showing at Under the Radar: 12 Women Artists of Taos at Revolt Gallery. Her experimental short art film “What are you holding?” won People’s Choice in the Seco Sanctuary Film Festival. Laurel also won first place in the Paseo Project’s Taos County Counts Poster Competition. For the month of July, Laurel will have an installation in the Vital Spaces Show in the window of Cajun Coyote Cafe in Arroyo Seco.

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