Ignacio Marino Larrique

Ignacio Marino Larrique is a Uruguayan born artist (1982). Introduced in visual arts from a very young age, he posses a special way to see things through and then translate it into a wide variety of mediums from digital to hand made like oil, watercolor, chalk, acrylic, airbrush or neon acrylic. He specializes in murals, portraits, and symbolism.

As a creative, his technique combines a mix between the old and the new school. Always working hard in order to accomplish any desired project. He posses an ample background in architecture from wich he lerned how to see and treat different spaces, how to team work, and how to approach and present each project differently. Through the years, all this combined has allowed him to connect with dfferent communities by sharing all his expertice in large and small projects.

Artist Website

On The Artwork

From the Heart

This artwork is meant to represent Miamians, focusing on millennials. It shows a person with his hands on the chest, giving a message from heart; its skin is blueish and greenish, as same as earth referring to the inherent connection the younger generations have with our planet. His hands are framing a home, everybody’s home, appealing to the sense of family, love and responsibility. Also, his shirt is a customized “guayabera” decorated with recognizable video gaming memorabilia on the lower side; and with a touch of sun on the upper side referring directly with Florida as the sunshine state we are into with a powerful

message: time to wake up.

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