George McCalman

Raised in Brooklyn, Creative Director George McCalman received his BFA in philosophy at St. Johns in Queens, NY, which informs his design principles to this day. He credits his Caribbean background for his unique ability to both embrace and rebel against traditional modes of design, enabling a brand to simultaneously integrate and stand out in its industry. Serving primarily art, lifestyle, and food clients, MCCALMAN.CO creates a classic, long-lasting brand that continues to define its clients as they evolve.

After 14 years as a leading art director in the magazine industry, George McCalman opened the doors to MCCALMAN.CO in 2011. Working at highly respected national magazines like ReadyMade, Mother Jones, and Entertainment Weekly, McCalman amassed numerous design awards throughout his career; his editorial background gives him a unique perspective on commercial branding. And for MCCALMAN.CO, community is paramount. The foundation and proven success of the studio rests upon his strong relationships with his clients and creative partners.

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On The Artwork

The title of my piece is ‘Glide’. This special chorus represents a pure (and aspirational) form of diversity in San Francisco, and felt like the appropriate inspiration for a piece on communities being counted by the Census.

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